NOHBA educates, supports, and represents the natural and organic personal & home care products industry in order to make a more sustainable world. We are dedicated to identifying, improving and communicating best practices (ingredient, processing, manufacturing and packaging) for stakeholders.


NOHBA is an alliance that includes but is not limited to manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumer advocates of Natural and/or Organic cosmetics, personal care, home care, and home use products. Our alliance believes there is a strong and immediate need for a collective voice and improved resource-sharing in the natural and organic personal & home care products industry.


General Benefits

Provide a forum to collaborate on resources, problem solving, and innovation
Work to improve the ingredient supply chain focus and transparency
Increase member understanding of ingredients, claims and product safety and
Expand the knowledge of product regulatory oversight.


Ingredient best practices – sourcing, evaluation, transparency, etc.
Formulation best practices guidance
Manufacturing practices (GMPs)
Regulatory considerations – best practices, requirements, restrictions
Industry trends


Industry experts
Industry networking and collaboration opportunities
Discounted legal support
Discounted insurance
Discounted UPS/FedEx shipping rates
Increased marketing opportunities

Represent member interests

Trade associations
Certifying organizations
Legislative and regulatory organizations